Friday, November 26, 2010

Update: Dane's charges "scratched"

Similarly to what we saw earlier this year with Garyn and Clare's cases(of the Arpaio 5) Dane's charges have been scratched. What this means is that technically there is no case against him. But the court will maintain an ability to bring charge against him for up to seven years, which they did in Garyn and Clare's cases. So while things are currently looking good there is no telling what the court may be up to.
It seems as though this could be some new sort of tactic. The police arbitrarily arrest people, charge them with this or that and see what they can make stick. If nothing sticks they drop it in a manner that allows them to actually charge people at a later date, keeping folks in a sort of limbo- for seven years! Ain't the police state grand?
In Dane's case an undercover actually alleges that he witnessed Dane throwing and providing rocks to others. In the end though, he was unsure if any of the supposed rocks thrown or provided and thrown by others actually hit anyone. Interesting. Also interesting is the fact that at least two of the charges of aggravated assault were for rocks that flew towards but never even hit anyone. So basically they were just trying to pin all rock-throwing on Dane without any evidence whatsoever.
Another thing to point out is that it has been reported to us by a friend from Phoenix that another person was approached by cops after the protest in a similar manner. After being told they were under arrest they told cops that they were full of shit, that they did nothing and there was no way to identify anyone who had done anything. At this point cops made no attempt to arrest this person and the person left unobstructed.
Dane himself, the person who allegedly performed five counts of agg. assault on an officer w/a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument and one count of riot was not picked up until 2 hours after the supposed incident. If someone was indeed this much of a threat to officers and "public safety" wouldn't it be advisable for cops to grab him as soon as it started rather than wait two hours and allow him to possibly escape?
Well for now Dane is "free". But please remember that this does not mean he's in the clear. The bail has been returned. Any money raised that is unble to be returned will be held in the Tucson area for future legal issues that may arise. Thanks to all those who stepped up and supported Dane through this.

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