Art for the BOAF Art Auction

This piece is by Emma Jeffries. It is ceramic and acrylic on wood. 
Approximately 3ft X 1ft. Untitled.

These two posters come to us from the Hungry Knife Artist Collective. Both are approximately 12.5 X 18 inches.
See for details & more.

Border Opposition Manifested by Amy Hagemeier.

Giclee print of original oil by Sharon Evans.

Healing Feather/Heart by Ryder Cooley. Originally produced in a series to raise money for someone fighting cancer and donated to us by a friend.

These three pieces come to us from Jared "Squee" Leve from Tempe. More can be seen at
                            Above is a piece that will be up for auction by Kevin Barbro.

These postcards measure 4 1/2 x 7 inches. By Jona.

      Where Does Freedom Exist? Bryan Crow. 46" x 39" acrylic and collage on wood.

   Anarchy. Lexi Coburn. Multiple plate etching & screen print, 7.75" x 14"

These prints from Mexico City were left with us by a friend. They are part of a series titled Contra La Guerra y El Neoliberalismo and will be up for auction.

These three items were donated by Pop Cycle. They were created by Shannon Riggs of DDco Design(Smacks), Jennifer Radley of Monster Booty Threads(Humans) and D. Pathion(More Alike). Each measures 8x10 inches.

We'll be trying to post as much of the art as it comes in. We've already got a few items and look forward to seeing new stuff as it comes in.